With the 2024 season around the corner, the transfer is not just a hot topic in the college ranks but also a big topic in the high school level as well.  Here is a list of high school transfers that we seen based off of high school summer league appearances 

TT Carr (2025)  - Branson to Riordan 
DJ Armstrong (2026) - Branson to Riordan 
Kirby Seals (2025) Santa Cruz to Riordan 
Will Corbett (2026 )- Bellermine to St Francis 
Ty Landers (2026) - Branson to St Ignatius 
Sirmister Harriel (2026) - Antelope to Destiny Chrstian Academy 
Chad Johnson  (2026) - Destiny Christian to Sheldon 
Mohammed Singleton (2026) - Sheldon to Fairfax 
Dante Ventura (2026) - Mitty to Amadour Valley 
Ely Ellis (2025) - Whitney to Rocklin 
Jaden Spears (2025) - Sheldon to Sacramento HS 
Rashod Cotton (2026) - Modesto Christian to Clayton Valley 
Blake Corbett (2025) - Mountain House to Modesto Christian 
Mason Brown (2025) - Las Vegas to Modesto Christian
RONNIE SELLEAZE (2027) - Mexico to Salesian 
Elijah Sykes (2025) - Pleasant Grove to Sheldon 
Shawn Underwood (2025) - ChristianBrothers to Sacramento HS 
Keegan Ladines (2026) - Folsom to Granite Bay 
Demarcus Cobb (2026) Edison to Weston Ranch

Feel free to let us know if there are any transfers were missing.