First live period of the the 2023 club season has wrapped up with another live period on the way. Here are the offers players received in the SPRING of 2023


Mikey Lewis (Accelerated Prep/ Oakland Soldiers) - Illinois, Providence, Colorado State, Syracuse, TCU, LSU, CAL 

Zion Sensley (Prolific Prep/ Team Why Not) - UNLV

Aaron Claytor (Salesian/ Jalen Green Elite) - Cal Poly , Montana

Ty Virgil (Team Lillard) - UC Santa Barbara 
Ryan Pettis (Serra/Team Lillard) - Weber State 
Zion Wilburn (Pinole Valley/ Team Lillard) - Weber state 

Jasir Rencher (Riordan/ Team Lillard) - Illinois, UNLV, UCSB

Kellen Hampton (SCA/ Team Lillard) -   Creighton, St John's, CAL 

Jalen Stokes (Dublin / Team Lillard) - Montana

Tounde Yessoufou (St Joseph / Team Why Not) - UNLV , Washington 

Gavin Skyes (Capital Christian/ Oakland Soldiers) - Sacramento State 
Simarious Jones (Sac HS/ Sac Yellow Jackets) - Sacramento State