A plenty of Norcal teams were in attendance for the Adidas Gauntlet which includes a Gold & Silver division all under one roof. I was able to check out a few teams from Northen California and here are some players that stood out…

Class of 2019

Wrenn Robinson – A crafty guard that knows how to get to his spots. He showed that he can be a lead guard for a team as he was the primary ball handler for Bay City this weekend. Wrenn’s was knock down from the three-range shooting well over 40%. Yale, Cornell, and Air Force were some of the school’s in attendance. More high academics and mid-majors will be knocking on Wrenn’s door after this spring/summer.


Miles Amos – A strong and athletic guard with a high IQ, was the junior player of the year in San Francisco. UC Irvine was in attendance to check out the athletic guard from Stuart Hall.

Isaiah Hawthorne – A wing player that can do it all, style of play reminds me of a Paul George who makes every play looks effortless. Hawthorne had probably over 10+ college in attendance featuring UCSB, New Mexico State, Maryland just to name a few…

Jaylin Reed – A athletic 6’4 guard that is a flat-out scorer with textbook shooting form. Jaylin’s performance earned him 2 scholarship offers from Colorado College and Greenville University.

Class of 2020

Jalen Green – There is a reason why he is the #1 player in the class of 2020. We all know Jalen for his UNBELIEVABLE dunks but in his first session of the Adidas Gauntlet. He showed that he is an underrated passer and will be a pick and roll maestro by the time he is finished with HS.

Ishmael Cruz – SHOOTER! Ish will be the difference maker for EBO this spring/summer. He is EBO’s only pure shooter that can stretch the floor. Which is key to giving Jalen driving lanes for him to create and make plays.

Jhaylon Martinez – Is a 6’11 aggressive post player that commands the ball, he has a nice form on his jump shot that is knockdown from 15 ft. Jhaylon ended this weekend with 2 offers from Montana and UCSB.

Coleman Hawkins – 6’9 and very long, Coleman may be a national name by the end of the summer. He runs the court like a deer, shoots the 3 and a great passer out of the post.

Deshawn Lynch – A 6’4 defensive line football prospect and it showed on the court. DeShawn is not just a bully on the court but is full of skill. Deshawn has a devastating spin move in the post and finishes with either hand. He is unexpectedly athletic and can finish above the rim.

Deonte Mayfield – Maybe one of the best ball handlers in the gym and uberly quick. No one could stay in front of him this weekend as he led his 16u Rebels to the Gauntlet Silver division championship game.

Class of 2021

Isa Silva – only a freshman but has poise beyond his age. His game uses the art of angles to get to his spots where he finishes with his soft touch around the rim. His impressive play led to his first scholarship offer in Montana.