With so much talent in the gym the Battle of NorCal was exactly what we all expected. From guys like Kyle Monk and Antonio Pusateri showing what it means to be a high flyers to players Jordan Pope, Aiden Mahaney and Ameere Britton putting on a scoring display. The day was full of highlights and more importantly the seniors was celebrated for all their hard work and dedication they gave to Northern California basketball



The day kicked off with Team Elite vs Team Legendary. Georgia Techs committ Emmer Nichols starts the game with a deep 3 answered by Ameere Britton coming down and finishing with a 360 dunk, we all knew instantly this game was gonna be electrifying. The game went back and forth early with Team Elites Jordan Pope, Antonio Pusateri, and Nick Medisrios scoring in multiple ways hitting shots from everywhere. Team Legendary woke up with Brycen Shakelford getting his team going by turning up the energy, it was obvious Shakelford came to win and it rubbed off on his teammates who picked up the pressure and ended up taking the lead and ending the half  70-48.  The second half Team Legendary pulled away but not before Pope decided to put on a scoring exhibition hitting 4 threes in a row as well as getting to the basket. But the pressure and shot making of Isaiah Griffin, Shakleford and Britton put the game out of reach ending the game 106-92 

High Scorers 

Team Elite - Jordan Pope 22, Antonio Pusaterio 18, 

Team Legedary - Brycen Shakleford 22, Ameere Britton 28, Isaiah Griffin 14 


The second game was full of the same excitement with no let downs. This game was close the entire way. Many kids stood out in this one. Jeremiah Dargan and Kevin Gad got the game going hitting some long distance 3's and pounding the ball inside from Team 5 Star while taking the early lead. Team All Stars Kyle Monk and Kobes Nunes (high school Teammates) became aggressive on the offensive side of the ball taking the lead and controlling the game. Miles Byrd also contributed to the Team All star run by having a monster dunk that erupted the entire gym and seem to put the game out of reach. However the Player of the Year Aiden Mahaney decided that it was time for him to take the game over scoring 22 points in the second half and finds his team down 1 with 10 seconds left. Aiden called his own number demanding the ball and scoring the game winning shot with 6 seconds left ending the game 88-87.

High Scorers

Team All Star - Kobe Nunes 25, Kyle Monk 21

Team 5 Star - Aiden Mahaney21,  Jeremiah Dargan 18, Kevin Gad 18



Jaden Tengen -  Kennedy Hs 


Antonio Pusaterio -  Riordan Hs 

Consolation Game


Jordan Pope and Miles Byrd both used this game to let it be known why they are two of the best players NorCal have to offer. With Bryd on Team All Star he came out on fire. Hitting six 3's in the game and another monster dunk giving his team the early lead 57-41 at the half. Noah Thomas also came out locking up defensively and playing both ends of the floor trying to help his team get the win. Miles came out in the second half the exact same way starting it off with a 3  while teammate Kyle Monk got involved pushing the lead even more. Jordan pope had seen enough and became extremely aggressive offensively. Getting to the bucket as well as knocking down shots from everywhere on the floor. he showed he's a very special scorer that can score at will. Pope cut the lead to 2 points with 1:13 left 102-100 Team All Star leading. Miles was able to get the ball with 45 seconds left and hit another back breaking  3 from long range putting the game out of reach and Team All Star getting the win 106-102

High Scorers

Team All Star - Noah Thomas 29, Miles Bryd 32, Kyle Monk 21

Team Elite - Jordan Pope 37, Garrett Keyhani 18


Championship Game


The day couldn't end any better. Aiden Mahaney and JoJo Murphy for Team 5 Star, and Ameere Britton and Brycen Shakleford for Team Legendary,  both teams loaded with talent and definitely put on a show. The game went back and forth with the majority of the game lead by Team Legendary. Mahaney showed his skills and ability to do it all on the floor while Britton matched it by scoring right back, both players putting on a unbelievable scoring clinic. Jaden Tengen chipped in for Team Legendary showing why he was the 3 point champion and hit four 3 pointers pushing the lead even more out of reach. Britton was on his game the entire weekend and just wouldn't let up leading his team to a victory, winning the championship  and being named the Simply Battle of NorCal MVP winning the game 99-88 Team Legendary. 

High Scorers

Team 5 Star - Jojo Murphy 23, Aiden Mahaney 16

Team Legendary - Ameere Britton 31, Brycen Shakleford 18


Ameere Britton - MVP 

Aiden Mahaney -  St Marys College

Miles Bryd -  San Diego St

Jordan Pope -  Oregon State

Brycen Shakelford -  Chaminade


Second Team

Jojo Murphy - Chico State

Jordan Webster - UC Merced

Noah Thomas - Oregon Tech

Kevin Gad - St Marys

Kyle Monk - Fresno Pacific 


Derrick Claxton - Cal-Poly Pomona
Jeremiah Dargan 
Garrett Keyhani. - Hamilton College 
Nick Mederios - Sonoma State
Kobe Nunes -