On March 19th, 2022 the inaugural Battle of Norcal Seniors Girls Festival was held a Chabot College. Where we showcase the Best of the Best in Norcal to celebrate their amazing HS careers! This year featured 26 players our of 40 who were already committed to a 4 year and 16 were committed to a division 1 school. 

Champions : Team All-Star - Teagan Brown, Ahrray Young, Ella Ray, Tierra Snipes, Zoe Tillary, Keke Scott, Jenika Zurita, Keyonee Neal, Donnelli Allen 
3pt Champion: Kaylie Edge (Salesian) 
Knockout Challenge: Nya Epps (Carondelet)

MVP's: Teagan Brown (Washington) , Ahrray Young (Tulsa), Tierra Snipes (SFSU)

1st Team: 
Teagan Brown (Washington) 22pt between both Games 
Ahrray Young (Tulsa) - 22pts in 2 games 
Tierra Snipes (SFSU) - 21pts in Championship + 14 vs Team 5-Star 
Amaya Bonner (CAL) 
Annabel Schnieberg (UCSB) 

2nd Team 
Makayla Rose-Jackson (Stan St)  / 29pts vs Team Elite 
Elle Ladine (Washington) / 22pts vs Team Legendary 
Madison Butcher (Sac St)
Julia Riley (CSU Bakersfield) 
Neveah Asiasi (Unsigned)

3rd Team
Jael Butler (Morgan St)
Zoe Tillary (Unsigned) 
Jadyn Paterson (Stan St)
Jenika Zurita (Unsigned)
Keyonee Neal (Unsigned)  

Prep 2 Prep Event Recap: Here

Thank you to every that came and supported the girls to celebrate their amazing careers and watch them go against the best 1 last time before college.