The 5th Annual Elite 8 Fall Preview will be held Saturday, October 7th at Monterey Trail High School.

This years participating prospects include the following notable players: Brandon Gibson, Damarion Vann-Kelly, Cole Epperson, Kevin Haupt, Tyler Thompson (Montana), Mark Lavernov, Andre Gomez, Sir Marius Jones, Gavin Skyes, Kendahl Hearne, Richard Banks, Anthony Moore, Jaden Spears, Rashod Cotton, Ahjani Lewis, Kanyon Rice and more!! 

Tip off starts at 9:00 am.  Games continue through the day, with the championship game slated for 5:30 pm. 

9:00 — Sac Hoops vs Pacer Basketball Academy

10:00 - Big Dawgs vs Port City 

11:00 — Chuck Hayes Basketball vs Rocktown

12:00 —   Trailblazers vs. Cal Red Raiders

1:00 - Family First vs Big Dawgs/Port City

2:00 — The Ranch vs  Sac Hoops/Pacer


2017-1 Team 1 Dream “MC”
MVP Junior Ballard

2018-1 Team 1 Dream “MC”
Co MVPs Earvin Knox and Dathan Satchell

2019-Big Dawgs “Sheldon”
MVP Dontrell Hewlett

2022-TrailBlazer Academy “MT”
Co MVPs Varick Lewis and Ben Roseborough

Players who have participated:
Junior Ballard (Weber State)
Xavion Brown (Appalachian State)
Zach Chappell (Sacramento State)
Geronimo De La Rosa (Columbia)
Takai Emerson-Hardy (Idaho)
Alex Horiuk (UTRGV)
David Jones (Georgia Southern)
Miles Lewis (Tarleton State)
Varick Lewis (LB State)
Mike Pearson (UCSD)
Dejuan Pruitt (Jacksonville)
Jhaylon Martinez (UC Riverside)
Alex Merkvadle (LMU)
Yaqub Mir (UCSD)
Josh Morgan (USC)
Isa Silva (LB State)
Andres Stojakavic (Stanford)
Jaden Teat (Utah)
Tsotne Tsartsidze (North Dakota)
Gavin Wilborn (Tarleton State)
Darrion Williams (Texas Tech)