Our inaugural New Arrivals Camp was packed with top 2023 talent from all over Northern and Central California.  On September 7th, 2019 these 8 freshman stood out above the rest at the New Arrivals Camp.

  1. ZJ Cotton 6-0, PG, Hoover (Fresno)- From the jump Cotton was terrific. He is high octane instant offense. He uses a tight handle to change speeds and blow by defenders for finishes at the rim with either hand.  Cotton has great body control once he gets in the lane helping  him avoid defenders at full speed for easy baskets at the rim. Showed nice touch on his shot. However he rarely needed to shoot it as nobody could stay in front of him. Cotton exploded for 36 points in a game against Camp Co-MVP Varick Lewis
  3. Varick Lewis, 6-2, CG, Monterey Trail (Elk Grove)- Varick is a truly gifted offensive player. He’s able to read his defender and make the right offensive play each time downcourt. He’s a very good passer able to hit slashers and kick out to shooters when the defense keys in on him. A good shooter with deep range on his jumper hit deep jumpers off the dribble and in catch and shoot situations. Good defender with very long arms able to get in the passing lane and poke at loose balls. Wowed the gym when he stripped Cotton at one end and finished over Cotton for an emphatic dunk on the other end.
  5. Kiku Parker, 5-10, PG, El Camino (Sacramento)- Parker does everything you want a young lead guard to do. At 5’10” and 175 he’s built like a truck. He can dominate smaller guards defensively and defends 94 feet every possession he’s on the floor. Offensively he’s always in attack mode. He uses good footwork to get defenders on his hip and finish strong at the rim over bigger defenders. When he’s not attacking downhill he showed a nice looking stroke from three. At this stage in his development Parker has an advanced skill set and great strength and athleticism that allows him to score at will. With continued development in the pick and roll, and making reads in the half court. Parker can develop into one of the better young PG prospects on the West Coast. 
  7. Courtney Anderson, 6-2, SG, Salesian (Richmond)- GIFTED. Anderson has all the tools to be a High Major prospect. He has excellent lift on his jump-shot with great range. Shoots the exact same shot with a high release point and follow through. He uses his legs and gets good lift on every shot. Has a very solid handle and a quick first step he uses to get in the lane for above the rim finishes. Gets out on the Wing and is very good at filling the lane and making himself in option on the fast break. Very impressive prospect.
  8. Logan Robeson, 6-3, SG, Campolinda, (Moraga)- Robeson can flat out score. He torched anybody who stepped in front of him. He has  a beautiful shot that he can get off at any time. He plays at his own pace and can’t be sped up.  Very good athlete that had some very nice finishes above the rim.
  9. Kodey Weary, 6-6, PF, Weston Ranch (Stockton)- Long, wiry and athletic 4 man that contest shots and controls the boards. Weary rebounds out of his area and boxes out which is rare for young prospects. Defensively he’s able to alter and contest shots without leaving his feet another rarity for such a young prospect. Offensively Weary finishes nicely around the rim. In transition he gets out and runs and is able to finish above the rim. He shoots a very consistent midrange shot. Weary should be an immediate contributor at Weston Ranch.
  10. Ryan Beasley, 5-8, PG, Dougherty Valley- Beasley has a very high IQ and has a knack for making big plays. The MVP for the winning team in the all star game Beasley made several big plays down the stretch. He has a wicked crossover that allows him to get to his spots on the floor. Nice pull up jumper that he uses to keep from over penetrating.  A 2 foot jumper that’s able to finish when he gets in the lane with an explosive burst.
  11. Jeremayah Aquino, 5-7, PG, Lincoln (SF)- Aquino is tiny but lightning quick. He’s able to get in the lane for acrobatic finishes or slick passes. Defensively he’s a pest on the ball and applies consistent pressure. Should make an immediate contribution at Lincoln this year.