The NorCal Elite 11 winter league is set to kick off November 12th, 2020 at the new Touch Shooting basketball facility, presented by Hoop Link, and games will be live-streamed on Simply Basketball Youtube Channel. Teams include Sacramento Basketball Club, FEBA, Weston Ranch Basketball Club, NorCal Dawgs, and more! Here are some of the top players to watch out for in the month-long league!

Ben Roseborough 6’4″ 2024  (Sacramento Basketball Club) – Already a well-known player before his first high school varsity game. A smooth and physical guard that has all the makings to be a nationally ranked player for all levels of recruiting by the time he’s done with high school.  The winter league will be a good comparison versus high school competition.

Alex Maze 6’3″ 2021 (Sacramento Basketball Club) – Alex, a key contributor for the Dragons last season, will be stepping into a leadership role as the senior begins his last high school season. He is a threat from anywhere on the court as he is a lethal three-point shooter and is now able to create a lane for himself to get to the basket. With his added game coming out this season we should expect to see some nice upbeat to his game flow. A hidden gem in NorCal!

Malik Madison 6’8″ 2021 (Sacramento Basketball Club) – At a new school this year.  The 6’8 big man is very active on the court and has a nose for the ball!

Donjae Lindsey 6′ 2021 (Weston Ranch Basketball Club) – The ultra-athletic guard can get to the rim at will and is best described as a walking highlight waiting to happen. Donjae is on the quiet side with his well-composed gameplay, but the calm has turned into a storm after working on his dribbling to improve as a point guard. Expect to see more playmaking from one of the most exciting guards in NorCal.

Mison Colton 6’3″ 2021 (Weston Ranch Basketball Club) – A winner on the court! He does everything for a team in order to win games. You will see it when he is diving for loose balls, knocking down timely shots, patiently working in the paint, and defending bigger opponents. The senior truly leads by example by playing the game properly. This should be an exciting weekend for Mison!

Kodey Weary 6’7″ 2023 (Weston Ranch Basketball Club) – One of the top 2023’s in NorCal who will be an x-factor for the team this season. Kodey understands that he has long arms and utilizes his assets during the game. He knows how to alter many shots when attacking the basket and has a nice face-up game in the midrange. He will be asked to step into a bigger role as the Cougars lost many seniors graduating last season.

Brandon Fisher 6’5″ 2021 (Norcal Dawgs) – Relatively undersized for a big man at the next level. However, Brandon does not let that stop him as he is a beast in the middle and a walking highlight reel. Based on his past performances, Brandon has improved tremendously on his wing skills. Looking forward to seeing the aggressive beast dominate over the next month.

Jaden Leali 5’9″ 2021 (Norcal Dawgs) – A smooth lefty that can really shoot it! This will be Jaden’s year to run the show after playing behind some of the top guards in NorCal for the last two years. Expect to see and hear exciting news about the point guard as he progresses through the season,

Josiah Johnson 5’9″ 2023 (Norcal Dawgs) – A sharpshooter from three! Josiah had some bright spots last season for one of the top high school teams in the nation. This year his role will increase as he will be asked to handle and create more opportunities for his teammates.

Kiku Parker 5’10” 2023 (1440 EMC) – Physical lead guard that loves to use his body to get to the basket. He has improved his midrange pull-up tremendously over the last few months making his game a lot harder to predict. He will be a major catalyst for the team.

Jalen Newhouse 6’1″ 2023 (1440 EMC) – New to the team Jalen & Kiku will be a dynamic duo the next 3 years. He has a good ability to score from all three levels and loves to compete. The team’s success will depend heavily on the Jalen & Kiku duo as they prepare to faceoff other teams this coming season.

Chris Holley 6’2″ 2021 (Sac City Buccaneers) – Absolute scoring machine! Chris can light it up from anywhere on the court! Truly an underrated playmaker. Chris will be asked to create more for the team as Stanford Signee Isa Silva is now at Prolific Prep. Expect to see big numbers from Chris Holley this season!

Ravenna Miller 6’7″ 2021 (Alpha Pack) – A player with a nose for the ball who is a problem on the offensive & defensive glass. Ravenna loves to play above the rim and will be the Alpha for the Alpha Pack.

Darius Lester 6’5″ 2021 (Alpha Pack) –  Makes a dynamic one, two punch with Ravenna Miller.  Finishes well around the basket with either hand and is improving his outside game.

Brycen Shakelford 6’4″ 2022 (FEBA) – A dynamic wing that attacks the rim very well and has long arms that tend to be a problem on defense. He also loves to push the break when grabbing a rebound. Expect to see some highlight-worthy dunks on the break.

Jaylen Wells 6’6″ 2021 (FEBA) – Long arms and versatile, Jaylen shoots the three-ball really well and is starting to become more of a playmaker from the wing! He is hearing from many of the TOP high academic colleges all across the nation!

Varick Lewis 6’3″ 2022 (TrailBlazers) – Varick, one of the top 2023’s on the west coast, will look to top his outstanding freshman campaign. He averaged over 20 points per game as a freshman and he can score it from all three levels on the court.

All Games will be lived stream on Simply Basketball Youtube Channel: Here