On December 4th, 2021 the Inaugural Oscar Frayer Innovational took place to honor one of the greats to ever come out of the Bay Area. With a standing room only crowd and a line wrapped around the gym to capacity show's how many lives Oscar Frayer touched in the community. 

Game 5: St. Francis (63) vs Moreau Catholic (56)
Emotions were flying high to kick off the main event of the Oscar Frayer Invitational. The Lancers took an early 14 point lead in the first half. Vince Barrington scoring three 3's to start the game. The Mariners did not go down without a fight as Matthew Villanueva sparked the come back with 3 consecutive threes in the 4th quarter. Both Isaiah Kerr (Montana Signee) & Harlan Banks both found out mid 4th quarter. Leading scorers were Trey Knight - Moreau Catholic (22) & Vince Barrington - St. Francis (14). 
Player of the Game: Vince Barrington (2022)

Game 4: Miramonte (68) - Deer Valley (51) 

The Matadors were in control throughout all 4 quarters. Led by James Frye (23) points (Claremont-Mudd Commit). Caden Breznikaer scored 17 points and made a dynamic duo with James Frye who both made their presence felt on both ends of the court. Devin Carson of Deer Valley scored 28 points respectively and showed why he his one of the best scorers in Norcal. 
Player of the Game: James Frye (2022) 

Game 3: Oakland Tech (61) - Sacred Heart (51)
The Irish was missing key players in Ray-John Spears and Jerry Mixon Jr. who playing in the Norcal Championship football game. The Bulldogs were led by Mahlik Smith with 21 points and Omar Staples with 12 points. The Irish was led by a freshman point guard Mykel Patton 12 points and Jasper Zwonlinski 13 points. 
Player of the Game: Mahlik Smith (2023) 

Game 2: Alameda (61) - California HS (54) 
A close game throughout the difference maker was Nick Rondenet of Alameda who led with 21 points and multiple 3 pointers in timely fashion. The Grizzles fought hard as Amari Gray scored 18 points and fouled out in the 4th quarter. 
Player of the Game: Nick Rondenet (2022)

Game 1: Skyline(66) - Albany (76) 
The games was led by two sophomores for both teams Deundre Perteet (Skyline) and Jonathan Chapple(Albany) who both scored 23 points respectively. Skyline led early and the Cougars of Albany made a 2nd half push where they were up by 20 points at one point. Emile Leventhal added in 20pts and 6 3-pointers that was the difference for the cougars. 
Player of the Game: Jonathan Chapple (2024)