The high school career of Je’lani Clark has come to an end and will be moving onto the next chapter in life at  The University of Nevada, Reno. Je’lani will go down as one of the all-time greats to put on a Crusader uniform. A 4-year varsity player Clark has broken numerous school records and helped turn Riordan back to a WCAL powerhouse. When we first covered Je’lani as a sophomore right off the bat, he showed his D1 potential with his athletic ability and knack to get to the rim with ease. Through the years Je’lani has improved all aspects of his game including his shooting, playmaking, and being a leader on the court. As he improved and addition of some new faces. The Crusaders improved from 5 total league wins in his first 2 seasons to becoming the WCAL favorites in his last 2 seasons. 

Je’lani was on the verge of ending his high school career with a California Division 1 State title. The coronavirus pandemic caused the Crusaders to dropout of the state tournament with 2 games left.  If the Crusaders won state, it would have been Riordan’s first state championship in over 18 years.

With the end of a great high school career, we are excited to see Je’lani take on a new challenge and the University of Nevada, Reno next Season. 

Je’Lani High School Accolades

1 x WCAL Co Player of the Year 

San Francisco Player of the Year 

4 x All-WCAL Team 

4 x All-Metro Team

CCS Sophomore of the Year 

Riordan Record Books

2nd All-Time leading scorer 

2nd All-Time in Steals

2nd All-Time in Assist

Best free-throw percentage in a season

Je’lani also played for the 16u and 17u Oakland Soldiers EYBL team these past 2 summers. 

Q&A with Je’Lani Clark 

1.After 4 years of Riordan, what is the highlight of your high school career?

After being at Riordan for 4 years, I’ve noticed how much the school have helped grow as a man on and off the court.

2.Your name will probably be mentioned as a Riordan all time great. Has any Riordan greats ever talked to you or given you advice? 

John Tofi was a Riordan great, and he put me under his wing and teached me how to train like a D1 athlete.

3.Many people know you for being a great defender, who are some of the toughest players you had to guard?

Over the summer playing with the Oakland Soldiers I’ve played with and the best players in the country, so the hardest player was probably Cam Thomas from Oak Hill. He played like a short version of Kobe Bryant.

4.What name Nevada special compared to the other schools recruiting you?

I just felt like Nevada made me feel special and compared me to a few NBA players, and they made me feel like I can make an impact immediately. 

5.What are some things you like about Reno compared to the Bay?

Reno and the Bay have people who are just so caring and they show a lot of love like people from the bay.

6.What is one advice that someone has told you, that’s always stuck with you?

It was from my older brother he said don’t nobody in college give a f**k about what you did in high school they’re grown and they’ll try to punk you. That made me work a lot harder.

7.Who are some players you model your game after? And why?

I have a few Gilbert Arenas because of how smart he is and how he can score from all three levels. Ashton Hagans from Kentucky because how he controls the game and how he’s a great leader, and lastly Jayson Tatum because he’s always in control of the game and he doesn’t let anyone speed him up.

8.Outside of basketball, what are some things you like to do?

I like to spend time with family and close friends and watch films on my favorite players and watch my head Coach Steve Alford coach at other schools to see how he coaches.

9.What is your planned major and why?

My major is going to be Broadcasting because if I have a career in the NBA or just being a pro somewhere, I want to talk on ESPN or be in front of the camera.

10.What would you like to improve on most before going to college?

I want to work on my conditioning, so I can come in and work really hard to show that I’m ready to play. I also  want to get stronger because everyone is going to be bigger and older. 

11.Having a good supporting cast is the key to success. Who are some people you would like to shout out?

I have a great support system to help me get to where I’m at today. I want to thank my mom, my brothers JJ and BJ, my dad Jemarieve, my grandmother Lawana, all my cousins and close friends, all my coaches throughout my career, every person who let me in there home, all my classmates and teachers and god.