With over 10+ offers from top schools from all across america, Jzaniya Harrell is one of the top 2021 prospects on the west coast. Jzaniya did it all for the Titans averaging 26 pts, 10 rebs, 3 stls, and 2 ast as a junior. She earned back to back Sac Bee Player of the Year. Not only is she a beast on the hardwood. she is also the true definition of a student-athlete with a 4.75GPA.  After losing the in SJS D2 section title last year by 1 point last season. Jzaniya came back her junior year even stronger and led the Titans to a SJS D2 title over Del Oro. Jzaniya impressive play earned her invites to the Adidas All-American Camp and Team USA Trails. Jzaniya is having a historical high school career but she is not done yet….

Jzaniya Harrell High School Achievements

2 x Sac Bee Player of the Year
2 x Maxpreps All-State Team
3 x Capitol Valley League MVP
2000+ career points and counting
Team USA Trails Invite
Adidas All-American Can Invite
10+ offers from Division 1 Schools

Q&A With Jzaniya Harriel

1) You’ve had 3 amazing seasons in high school, what are your goals for your senior season?

My goals for every year are the same: to win league, sections, and state. If I so happen to complete milestones along the way, that’s great. But my main focus is to help my team win and to better myself and my teammates.

2) People describe your game as a do it all combo guard, how would you describe your game and what do you think is your best skill? and what do you think you need to improve on before going off to college?

I would agree with the description of a do it all combo guard. I think my best skill is my competitive nature. I hate losing more than I like winning. I do whatever it takes to win, so that allows me to do some pretty incredible things. Before I go to college, I’d like to work on my body a little more to better prepare for the strength and speed of the women in college.

3) A 4.75 GPA is a very impressive GPA, what is your favorite subject in school? Do you take any AP classes? Which class is your hardest?

My favorite subject in school is math. 5/8 of my classes are Ap classes this year. The hardest one would have to be Apush but not because it is hard but the amount of work that comes with it.

4) What is your most memorable highlight of your HS career so far?

My most memorable highlight of my career so far is when I pulled up from half court to beat the buzzer before half time. The news had came to watch, and that was the first time Stanford had gotten to see me play.

5) You have over 10+ college offers, do you remember what it was like getting your first offer? Do you remember which school it was from?

My first offer was from Sac State. I had just attended their camp and afterwards the coach loved me. It was really cool because I wasn’t planning on attending but I did, just because. It felt great and after that first offer, many more rolled in.

6) With your recruiting process so far, are there any schools sticking out so far? Which schools would you say are recruiting you the hardest?

To me there are a few schools sticking out. I’d say each school takes the time out to recruit me each and every day. But as for the ones that go the hardest, I’d say Stanford, Rutgers, Michigan, ASU, USC, and a few others.

7) Who is your favorite basketball player? and who do you try to model your game after?

My favorite basketball player is Kevin Durant. I like him because I can see a lot of similarities between us. I don’t try and model my game to be like just one player though. I take bits and pieces from different players, to try and become the ultimate player.

8) Outside of basketball, what are somethings you like to do?

Outside of basketball I like to read. I especially love mystery novels because they are interesting and the plot twists are amazing. I also like to go to the park with my family and spend time with them.

9) I’m sure a lot of young girls look up to you and want to be the next Jzaniya, what is some advice you would give a young athlete who want to be a great student-athlete just like you?

Some advice I’d give is to work hard and don’t make excuses. Sometimes you’ll have to make sacrifices and it’ll be worth it in the long run. And most importantly grades come before basketball. That sets you up for a life after basketball.