Growing up in the peak of the hoopmixtape era, watching high school kids making high flying dunks and crazy crossovers on Youtube was the thing to do. Growing up during a time in San Francisco rarely ever seen in high school doing the things seen on hoopmixtape. While most people listened to music before their games. I used to watch hoopmixtapes before my games. Here are the top hoopmixtapes I watched before games or before  I hoop. Note I graduated high school in 2012.

Jabari Brown

Probably my favorite overall player during the hoopmixtape era, a top 20 player in the nation being from the Bay Area. During high school it was weird to say I was a fan of a player that was only a year older than me. There were times when my teammates and I would BART and squeeze 6 people in a car to catch one of his games. Crazy to think I had his mixtape beat as my alarm to get up each day to motivate and get better each day.  Glad to see Jabari is back in the G-League and hope to see him back in the NBA one day. 

JT Terrell 

JT Terrell was my go to before a game or to go hoop. His ability to score the ball and make it look so smooth  and effortless caught my attention. JT had me thinking I was a walking bucket instead of a 3pt shooter back my day. JT started his college career at USC and finished at Wake Forest 

Ryan Harrow 

The skinny 5’11 PG was the first player I discovered to have crazy handles and bounce who was under 6’ tall. Ryan started his college career at University of Kentucky and finished up at Georgia State.

Kiwi Gardner 

Nothing really needs to be said here… I believe everyone all across America knew who Kiwi was during 2009-2012. If they had any knowledge of basketball….

Tony Wroten

One of my favorite lefties in the hoopmixtape era and one of the first players to have a mini series on youtube with Peyton Siva. Which brought viewers an inside look of their lives.  Being a lefty myself It’s only natural I liked his game. Tony spent 1 season at Washington before getting drafted by the Memphis Grizzles.

Honorable Mention: Jahii Carson, Nick Johnson, Peyton Siva, Juan Anderson, Stevie Taylor, Gabe York, Juan Anderson