Stephen Curry broke a record that establishes his greatness as a player. 

December 14, 2021 will be a date to remember in NBA history. The greatest shooter ever, a man that plays in the Bay Area, broke a record that people never thought would be broken.

On February 10, 2011 Ray Allen broke Reggie Miller’s record of 2,560 three-points made. When Allen retired he finished with 2,973 made threes, 413 more than Miller. When Allen passed Miller he did it in TD Garden against the Lakers. Curry also broke the three point record in the Garden, Madison Square Garden. Allen shot 40 percent from three in his career, Miller shot 39.5 percent but Curry shot 43.1 percent from deep.

Of the top 50 players in three pointers made Curry ranks 1 in percentage. 

In the crowd was Miller and Allen with a jersey with Curry’s last name and the number 2,794. When Allen passed Miller the Pacers legend said, "all records were meant to be broken". When Allen passed Miller he was 35-years-old, nearly 36 and was near the end of his career. Curry, 33, doesn't seem to have retirement on his horizon. He is currently averaging the fourth most points per game of his career and has his team primed for a run in this year's playoffs. 

Curry changed the way basketball is played, kids from across the country are pulling up from deeeeeep because of him. Not only did he change how youth basketball is played he also changed how the NBA looks. Pre-Curry the league was dominated by big men like Shaq, Duncan and Ming etc. but now almost every dominant big man has an outside shot. Teams look for players in free agency and the trade market who can shoot efficiently for their team

Stephen Curry changed the game like how the Fab Five changed how the game looked. "all records were meant to be broken," said Miller and that is the truth because Curry’s record may be broken. Guys like Buddy Hield and Duncan Robinson have the green light to shoot from wherever whenever since the beginning of their careers. Maybe players who break Curry’s record will be able to break the three pointers made mark but that 43.1 percent from deep is going to be nearly impossible to break. 

The real question now is, where does Stephen Curry rank all time in NBA history?