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Ashan Huff (2024 Vanden) – The 6’5 FRESHMAN dominated on the court this over this past weekend as he controlled the paint on defense and offense! He was able to finish under the basket, dish the ball out, and accumulated a nice amount of blocks. He is also able to dunk and shoot a nice midrange.

Theo Sully-McLaughlin (2024 St. Marys) – A nice guard who can drain the three ball consistently. He has great awareness of his opponent’s speed and footing when deciding to make a move to attack the basket or shoot the ball.

Jeremiah Benard (2024 Mountain House) – Point guard that wowed the crowd at the camp. He was able to constantly attack the basket forcing the defense to collapse on him. When that happened he would instinctively kick the ball out. Just what you expect from a point guard.</p>

Christopher Fallgren (2024) – A point guard that can shoot the ball or find the open man in almost every situation. It is as though he had a birds-eye view when he would pass the ball to the man making the tough cut. He was also able to lead his teammates to the basket by throwing the right passes. He is also a huge threat from the three so keep that hand up!</p>

Andre Anderson (2024) – A point guard that utilizes his speed to his advantage. All though he is not tall he was by far the most aggressive o=point guard at the event. He constantly drove to the basket and finished! When he was not driving he would shoot the three or dish it out. A very competitive young man with an amazing sense of the game.

Mario Williams (2024) – A lanky player full of potential had a nice touch from 3 and vocal on defense. A name to remember as he continues to grow throughout his HS career.

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