The Sacramento player of the year and open division state runner, Dale Currie is taking his talents to Phelan Ave.

Dale will be playing for the best JUCO in California City College of San Francisco next season. CCSF finished with a 33-1 record and was crowned the state champion. CCSF has won 2 of the last 3 state championships and is regularly playing for the state championship.

Dale will have plenty of opportunities to showcase his talents as a majority of the 2017-18 team are moving to the next level which includes division 1 talents Eddie Stansberry (Hawaii) and Terrell Brown ( New Mexico State??).

Expect the CCSF to be reloaded with talent competing for another state championship once again. Dale will have a long list of division 1 suitors by the end of his CCSF career, following the footsteps of 20+ D1 transfers to come out of CCSF since 2010.

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