Written by Carson Cook (Twitter/Instagram)
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Kent Bazemore: 1-year $2.320 million
Brad Wanamaker: 1-year $2.250 million
Kelly Oubre Trade: (Minnesota 2021 2nd rounder and Denver 2021 2nd rounder for Kelly Oubre)

Kelly Oubre Trade (Minnesota 2021 2nd rounder and Denver 2021 2nd rounder for Kelly Oubre) - This is a move the Warriors had to make in order to stay in playoff contention. Oubre Jr., a two-way small forward who averaged 18.7 ppg last season will come to the Bay to fill Klay Thompson's role. Oubre Jr. is a small forward who has shown flashes of being a 20-point scorer with both the Wizards and the Suns. Oubre Jr. and Thompson have similar skills; Thompson is obviously a way better shooter, but Oubre Jr. brings energy, defense, finishing, and effort every single game just like Thompson. The two picks sent to the Thunder via Minnesota and Denver may be solid in the future but with the Warriors in a win-now mindset Oubre Jr. will help bring scoring and defense to the Chase Center in the upcoming season.
Overall Grade: A-

Kent Bazemore (signed a 1-year 2.320 million contract) - Kent Bazemore is such a good NBA player. Bazemore plays his role to a tee. He hits three’s, plays defense, and plays hard nose basketball. When Bazemore was traded to the Kings last season he brought an intense game to the team. It will be Bazemore’s second stint with the Golden State Warriors but this time, with playoff aspirations. Bazemore will most likely be the shooting guard off the bench who will give his team valuable minutes with Klay Thompson out for the season with a torn achilles.
Overall Grade: B+

Brad Wananmaker (signed a 1-year $2.250 million contract) - After a solid season with the Celtics last year, where he averaged 6.9 ppg behind Kemba Walker. Wanamaker signed a one-year deal with the Golden States Warriors in order to become Steph Curry’s backup this season. Last season, Wanamaker shot an impressive 92.6% from the free throw line and will hope to build on that impressive percentage. He will bring his veteran playmaking and leadership to a team that thrives on off ball movement and playing as a cohesive unit.
Overall Grade: B-

Overall: The Golden State Warriors had a huge loss with the injury of Klay Thompson but their deals and trades keep their playoff push in sight. Newly signed guard Kent Bazemore, who makes his return to the Warriors will bring defensive tenacity and catch and shoot shooting off of the bench for the Warriors. Brad Wanamaker will bring veteran leadership to a young bench and provide playmaking for players like Eric Pashcall and Marquese Chriss. The biggest move of the Warriors offseason was to bring in Kelly Oubre Jr. to fill in for Klay Thompson who went down with a torn achilles. Oubre Jr. will bring in his 18.7 ppg and 35.2% from three to push the Warriors back toward the playoffs in the wild wild Western Conference. These moves were solid but if the Warriors truly want to contend without Klay Thompson other moves may have to be made in order to do so.
Overall Grade: B+