Written by Carson Cook (Twitter/Instagram)
Graphics by Sacramento Kings

De'Aaron Fox: 5-year $163 million
Hassan Whiteside: 1-year $2.320 million
Daquan Jeffries: 2-year $3 million
Frank Kaminsky: 1-year $1.882 million
Glenn Robinson III: 1-year $2.028 million
Chimezie Metu: 3-year $5.294 million

De'Aaron Fox (signed a 5-year $163 million contract worth up to 195.6 million) - This was a must! De'Aaron Fox is the Kings, he is the franchise, and the team goes as he goes. In the bubble Fox averaged 26.2 ppg and 7.3 apg and even though the Kings didn't reach their goals of the playoffs Fox had developed as a leader and a player while inside the bubble. The mainstream media questioned the amount of money the Sacramento Kings gave Fox. Only three other players from the 2017 draft class signed this size deal: Bam Adebayo, Donovan Mitchell, and Jayson Tatum. As a small market the Kings have to draft their future stars and Fox right now is the Kings star. Fox still has a lot to prove to the Kings fans, with this five-year deal he will have the time to develop as a leader and player in Sacramento.
Overall Grade: A

Hassan Whiteside (signed a 1-year $2.320 million contract) - Hassan Whiteside makes his return to Sacramento. Whiteside was drafted by Sacramento in 2010 alongside Demarcus Cousins. After two stints in Miami and Portland, Whiteside has returned to Sacramento on a very cheap deal. Just last year Whiteside averaged 15.5 ppg, 13.5 rpg, and 3.7 bpg (led the league). This is a very sneaky signing for the Kings who have always missed a true seven footer down in the paint. Whiteside will bring defense, rebounding, and finishing around the rim for the Kings at an elite level, which the Kings have missed in recent years. Just having a seven footer down there will make it easier for Fox and Hield playing defense on the perimeter. Whiteside was signed for well below his market value and is definitely worth every bit of his $2.320 million dollars contract.
Overall Grade: A

Daquan Jeffries (signed a 2-year $3 million contract) - For a very long time the Sacramento Kings have been missing a very solid glue guy. Jeffries goes out there plays aggressive defense, shoots the wide open three, and drives hard to the basket. Jeffries will not wow you on the court but he will give you everything you want from a player off the bench. Not everyone is a star, Jeffries knows how to play his role, and Jeffries plays his role at an above average level. The Kings were able to sign Jeffries for cheap and he will be worth every dollar of his contract.
Overall Grade: B+

Frank Kaminsky (signed a 1-year $1.882 million contract) - Frank Kaminsky is a very solid NBA player. Last year for the Phoenix Suns Kaminsky averaged 9.6 ppg and shot a respectable 33.1% from 3. For the Kings Kaminsky will have a role similar to his role for the Suns last year. He will be the third center off of the bench and will provide spacing when Walton wants to space the floor for Fox and Bagley. Kaminsky was a very cheap signing and may provide solid rotational minutes for Luke Walton's big man rotation.
Overall Grade: B-

Glenn Robsinson III (signed a 1-year $2.028 million contract) - Glenn Robinosn III will provide even more wing depth for an already crowded backcourt. Last season with the Sixers Robinson III averaged 7.7 ppg and 51.8% from the field. Robinson III has always been a really solid NBA player and at 26 maybe he can prove to be more than that with a good year with the Kings. I don't completely understand the signing with a young crowded backcourt, but at $2.028 million the Kings have more reward than risk at that price.
Overall Grade: B

Chimezie Metu (signed a 3-year $5.294 million contract) - Chimezie Metu is a young 6’9 power forward who last played for the San Antonio Spurs and their G-league affiliate. In the G-league Metu averaged an astonishing 17.9 ppg and 9.1 rpg so the Kings took a chance on Metu and will give him the opportunity to prove his worth. Metu will have to battle with Marvin Bagley III and Nemanja Bjelica to stay in the rotation, but will have time to develop in the G-league throughout the three years on his contract. The goal with the Metu signing is to develop him into a solid role player to possibly back up Bagley III in the future.
Overall Grade: B-

Overall: This was one of the first free agency’s in recent years where the Kings did not overpay for a player. Their biggest signing was Hassan Whiteside who just last year led the league in blocks. Whiteside will also be a physical presence in the paint, an aspect the Kings have missed for many years. Daquan Jeffries, Frank Kaminsky, and Glen Robinson III were all signed for very cheap and will provide bench depth for the Kings this season. Chimiezie Metu will also be a project in the G-league and has potential to be a solid power forward off of the bench.
Overall Grade : A-