What made CPP the right school for you?

The overall culture of the basketball team, and the structure of the campus. After meeting Coach Kamansky and staff, I could tell they were all about being competitive, winning games, playing the game the right way, and pushing each player to be the best version of themselves on and off the court. Moreover, I enjoyed exploring the campus, and checking out the gymnasium. I’ve only been in CA for 6 months, however my HS coach (Coach Holloway)spoke highly of the Cal Poly Pomona program as well. My family and I have leaned on him heavily for everything including recruitment advice.

What other schools were in the recruiting mix before your commitment? 

Before my commitment, I was receiving some interest from a few D2s, several NAIAs, several JUCOs and recently my Prep School interest had grown thanks in part of Simply Basketball coverage along with Insaneness Media! 

What are things you want to work on before you get to college?

Before August, I really want to focus on improving my upper body strength, so I can finish through contact better. Id like to gain some muscle as well. I plan to continue to stay in the lab with my trainers and continue to improve my game in all facets. 

What is your advise to players going through the recruitment process now?

My advice would be to understand yourself. It’s important to make sure that whatever school you go to fits your style on and off the court. It doesn’t matter what division or what name you’re playing under. As long as you’re playing the game, improving every day, and getting a good education under a great system, that’s a win/win!