Miles Keffee (Branson 6’4) – High IQ PG that uses angles to get what he wants on the court. He can play either guard positions and has a good jump shot. During this pandemic Miles has increased his athletic ability and is finishing above the rim on a regular basis. He also holds above a 4.0 GPA.

Donjae Lindsey (Weston Ranch 6′) – One of the most athletically gifted players in Norcal is a poster waiting to happen. He is slippery with the ball and can get past any defender. A good spot up shooter is improving on his pull up shot. Some may call Donjae one of the top longterm prospects in this class.

Agjanti Miller ( Vanden 6’3) – Combo guard has a good feel for the game. Now a senior, Agjanti missed out on his sophomore year due to an injury and came back strong his junior year. A player that has not experienced traditional AAU exposure had COVID ruin his most important spring/summer. 

Jarod Webb (Florin 6’2) – One of the hidden gems in Norcal has a smooth stroke and effortless feel to the game. Uses the mid-range game to be an effective scorer on the floor. 

Jason Cibull ( Alameda 5’11) – A PG that not wow you with the eye test but will leave you intrigued. A old school PG knows how to use his body to get to the lane and make the right reads. Whichever coach lands Jason will get a coach on the floor and a offense ran to perfection.

Chris Holley (6’2 Jesuit) – Known as one of the top 3-point shooters in Norcal has transformed his game through the pandemic. Now finishing above the rim with ease and has a nice touch around the rim with either hand. 

Caden Flowers (6′ Capital Christian) – High IQ that plays the game 2 plays ahead. A prototypical PG that loves to pick up 94 feet and facilitate for the team. 

Other Notable Guards

Mison Coilton (6’3 Weston Ranch) 

Aidan Sevilla ( 6′ Dougherty Valley) 

Jaylen Patterson ( 6’2 Bradshaw Christian) 

Bryce Smith ( 6’1 Urban HS) 

Omari Davis (6’2 Vanden) 

Mehki Morris ( 5’11 Capital Christian) 

Malik Merchant (6’2 Berkeley HS) 

Miles Daniels (6’1 De La Salle) 

This list does not include POST-GRAD players