What made UOP the right school for you?

the interest that they shown in me during the recruitment process was a big factor for myself. The school itself is 30 min away from my house. coach stoudamire was a pro & I believe to be a pro it would help to play for one who’s been on both sides of the ball.

What other schools were in the recruiting mix before your commitment?

Washington state , Washington , Iona , Fresno state , UTEP , Irvine , Texas Southern , Santa Clara , Utah , San Francisco , Santa Barbra , Kansas , IUPUI

What are things you want to work on before you get to college?

I just want to get as strong as I can as fast as I can before getting on campus. working on my handle and finish over bigs. but most importantly conditioning.

What is your advise to players going through the recruitment process now?

My advice right now is that.. just keep working out & grinding. Control what you can control. Don’t belittle any school that reaches out to you. & do what you feel is best for you it’s your journey your story.