Written by: Carson Cook

A GoFundme has been created by Coach Frank Knight to help support Oscar’s family, please visit the GoFundMe for the Frayer family: https://gofund.me/ec029553

Just three days after playing in his first March Madness game Oscar Frayer, 23 passed away in a deadly car accident with his sister Andrea and a friend. 

Growing Up

Born in Oakland January 15, 1998 Oscar was known for his joy for life and an infectious smile. At the age of seven Frayer’s father, who suffered from sleep apnea, fell asleep at the wheel, crossed four lanes, hit a rest sign, and died on impact. Before his passing Frayer’s father told him, "When I'm not here, you're the man of the house so take care of your mom and sisters." Frayer took his father’s words to heart and at a young age Frayer grew up to be the man his father wanted him to be. At a young age Oscar wanted to play basketball and joined Hayward Catholic Youth Organization leagues, begging his mom to let him play. Oscar found his love for the game at a young age and his smile touched everyone that played with him. 

The Frayer Effect

Frayer attended Moreau Catholic High School in Hayward where he had an immediate effect, not only on the basketball program but the entire school. Frayer received hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube for his exciting dunks and electrifying blocks. Athletes and students began wanting to attend Moreau Catholic and the school’s attendance grew by nearly 800 students. Frayer worked hard to get better every season, working on his shooting and ball handling. Frayer played varsity all four years of high school, as a freshman Frayer averaged 12.9 points, 7.9 rebounds, and 4 blocks per game. In his junior and senior year he received first team All-East Bay honors, averaging 15 points, 2.5 assist, 9.7 rebounds, and 2.5 steals per game. In his senior year Frayer led his team to an overall record of 25-5, even beating an always great Sierra Canyon team by 1, scoring 14 points and grabbing 12 rebounds. Loved by his community, Frayer was a joy at practice and around town. His former Moreau coach Frank Wright said, “There is no Moreau Catholic without Oscar.” Although a great player on the court everyone can attest to Frayers great personality. Frayer decided to attend Grand Canyon University to further his basketball career and education.

Changing the Culture 

In his freshman year Frayer made an immediate impact on the court, averaging 7.9 points and 4.5 rebounds. In his freshman year the Grand Canyon Antelopes finished 22-9 but Frayer continued to work hard. In his sophomore and junior year Frayer averaged a respectable 8.5 points and 4.8 rebounds. Frayer continued to impact the program off the court, building a winning atmosphere and positive environment. In 2019-2020 Frayer was not eligible to play due to academic ineligibility and said, "There were a lot of habits I had to give up and change … I had to do a whole 360 in life. I made the changes needed and everything has taken off for me." Even though he didn’t need to Antelopes’ head coach Bryce Drew allowed him to return for his senior year. Coach Drew considered Frayer to be the heartbeat of the team and Frayer led grand Canyon University to play in their first ever March Madness game. On Saturday March 20th Frayer scored 8 points, dished out 5 assists, and grabbed 3 rebounds. Frayer’s impact in Hayward and Grand Canyon University go beyond his skills on the court. People who knew Oscar spoke only positively about him.  It was expected that Frayer would walk at his graduation at the end of this school year. 

Remembering Oscar 

Oscar’s smile was contagious, people wanted to be around him, and he was just beginning his life. Grand Canyon University has honored Oscar with tributes and many of their programs wearing OF4 on their body. Oscar’s impact went beyond the basketball program and his legacy will not be forgotten.

A GoFundme has been created by Coach Frank Knight to help support Oscar’s family, please visit the GoFundMe for the Frayer family: https://gofund.me/ec029553