On Wednesday Oct 28, 2020 we hosted another run for boys and girls; here are some of the kids who stood out:

Jamari Philips (2024 Modesto Christian) – A freshman building his name already with some of the top players in Norcal! The type of player every coach truly wants on their team. He plays proper defense with a hand out in front, loves to share the ball, and can shoot the ball from NBA. Should be fun watching him develop over time.

Aidan Mahaney (2022 Campolindo) – Well known player in NorCal. Puts forth his best at all time no matter who he is playing with. He was a true leader who motivated his teammates to put forth their best effort. He talks on defense, drives to the basket, takes the open shot, kicks the ball, forces the defense to collapse on him, and much more. A very well rounded player is the best description for him.

Niyi Oladode (2021 Miramonte) – Plays aggressive when the ball is in his hands. He definitely enjoys the thrill of taking the ball to the hoop. When he takes the ball in, he always finishes with a nice layup or hits a teammate with a well thought-out pass. Oh, and he had the most in game dunks for the night. It is refreshing to see a blow-by with a nice dunk to finish it off.

Jojo Murphy (2022 Piedmont) – There are many descriptions to describe a player, wow was probably the best description to give to Jojo as he dominated each game he played. From nice ranged shots to contested drives Jojo found a way to get the ball through the hoop. Should a player be able to slow him down he was ready to kick the ball and capture his assist. Played the point guard position very well.

Jeremiah Dargan (2022 Clayton Valley) – Well known through NorCal, Jeremiah did what he normally does and played basketball. You can tell he really enjoys the game because he has that competitive edge that makes him stand out. He can shoot the ball, get the tip layups, drive to the basket, and has bounce for days. This explains why the offers are starting to come in.

Shemar Jones (2025) – Part of the class of 2025 and playing like a baller. Has the tools to be a national talents. He played well with the seniors Wednesday night. He utilized his wingspan to get out of sticky situations or get the pick. He also was very aware of his positioning on the court and used his speed to get a few nice cuts finishing with the layup. Heep an eye out for this kid over the next few years.

Girl Standouts

Valentina Saric (2022 Woodside Priory) – She performed very well underneath the basket as she got countless rebounds and nice put backs. However, if you believe that is all she can do you will regret it. She has great use of her body and will back you down to get to the basket, or she will take the open shot. Her strong point on Wednesday was playing without the ball to make herself available for the assist.

Sophia Mindermann (2025) – She has a small frame, but that did not stop her from getting into the paint. She will work you like a big man as she dances around the paint to get to the glass. She also has a strong drive with nice finishes around the defense. Also, if the defense gave her too much space they would quickly realize their mistake as she shot the open 3 and drained it each time.

Breyanna Kimmons (2025) – Plays the point guard position nicely. She is quick on her feet and loves to drive the ball. Her strongest point is her passing! She had a few no look passes that were on point allowing her teammates to get the easy bucket. She also really loves that midrange shot.