The odds are always against you when you’re 5’8 in the game of basketball. Vincent Golson aka Two Two a 5’8 point guard out of East Oakland. Currently a professional basketball player overseas almost gave up on the game because he thought he was “Too good” for Junior College.

Before heading off to college, Two Two was a star at Skyline HS earned honorable mentions as a junior, and 1st team honors as a senior in the Oakland Athletic League featured Paris Davis (Humboldt State/ Southern Utah), Dulani Robinson (Texas Southern/Pacific),  and Jamaree Strickland (Cincinnati).

For the first time ever, Two Two was a regular student without any athletic duties at Jackson State in Mississippi. During his time there, he realized his love for basketball was still there and transferred back home looking for an opportunity to play at the level he originally thought he was “Too Good” for.

Two Two found his new home at prestigious City College of San Francisco. During his 2 seasons at CCSF he helped CCSF to 2 North Section Titles and 1 state title. He earned MVP honors and first team all-state coming off the bench his sophomore season averaging 17 points and shooting close to 55% from the field.

Two Two finished his college career at Cal State Dominguez Hills where he was named 2 x All-CCAA 2nd team with a career high of 32 points vs San Bernardino.

After a year from graduating from Dominguez Hills, Two Two is now a professional basketball playing in Germany. Two Two’s journey can teach many lessons for young athletes aspiring to be a collegiate or professional athlete. With the odds against him and taking a break from the game. He continued to show his true passion for the game and is now able to create more memories overseas. His story should inspire others to find what they are truly passionate about and to never give up on that passion no matter the disadvantage you have.

Was basketball your first sport? If not, how did you start playing basketball competitively? 

No, Football and Martial Arts were my first sports. My uncle signed me up for the Dynamites and I attended one practice. When my mom found out, she wouldn’t let me play football because I still was in Martial Arts at EOYDC. So I quit Martial Arts and basketball became my new sport some time after. 

You mentioned you gave up playing basketball after high school because you didn’t want to go JC? 

Yes, I did give up basketball because I didn’t have any offers. I thought I was a lot better than JC. 

What did you do after high school?

 After high school I went to Jackson State University in Mississippi for a semester then transferred to Fresno City for spring semester. Just for academics

 How did you find yourself coming back to playing college basketball?

I had five classes at Jackson State but had so much down time. We had a recreational center on campus that I went to everyday and realized I loved it too much to not play. So I tried out at Jackson State then transferred back. A couple months later I was playing in an adult league and my OG ,Ike Count, recruited me to go to CCSF. 

You mentioned your favorite season was your freshman season at City? Even though you barely played.. What made that season so special? 

I got to play with one of my closest friends from my first ever AAU team. The team personalities meshed a lot ! I got to know Dulani Robinson, Josh Fox, and Jamil Brown on a more personal level and not from a competitive standpoint all the time. No one thought they were above the other whether they averaged 18 or 2 a game. I spent a lot of time with Josh Fox, Travante, and Gemeny on that team. A lot of them players showed me what it was like to actually grind and put extra time in the gym to be good. 

Going into your sophomore year at City, everything was lined up for you to be the starting PG and then you end up coming off the bench. How did you handle that? Most kids would be upset and let it affect their game. 

Honestly I don’t think it was lined up for me. I was still trying to win the coaches over and have them believe in me as a player. A lot of things failed when certain players didn’t come that year so I got tossed into a hot seat starting. I eventually started to come off the bench a couple games in the season because I wasn’t living up to expectations and plus I arrived to walk through two minutes late(LOL). Once my coaches saw I played better off the bench that’s where they kept me the remainder of the season and they told me why. It was never a set time to when I would have to sub in they would just tell me when I was ready to go in. So they gave me the opportunity to evaluate the game before I went in. It was perfect for us both. I got MVP off the bench and first team all state. Crazy. 

You have division 1 offers to Bakersfield and Marist college? What made you decide to go D2 at Dominguez Hills?

I had a lot of division 1 offers at Marist college, LIU BROOKLYN, Northern Kentucky, Etc. I was committed to the University of San Francisco that summer but when my classes didn’t match the criteria I was left with no choice but to go division 2. Dominguez had assistant coaches that appealed to me and came from similar backgrounds. Two of the coaches were Justin Argenal and Justin Standley from that McClymonds undefeated team. So it was a no brainer to go there. 

After graduating college, did you plan on playing professional basketball? If not, who sparked the idea of playing professional basketball for you? 

Yea I planned on it but it’s a lot of questioning I did to myself. Was I good enough to play over there ? Would people like my game ? Just questions like this. They usually came from being under recruited throughout my life but people like my D2 coach gave me assurance I was good enough to be a pro! Steve Becker. 

Where do you play now? 

I play in Cologne, Germany for RheinStars. 

If you did not pursue professional basketball, what would you be doing? 

I was in management at UPS but I was pursuing a firefighter career which I will still do once I retire. I feel like it’s compensated for athletes well. 

What are some things you’ve learned in your first  professional season that you would like to tell aspiring basketball players coming out of Oakland/Norcal? Something that you wish you knew? Because not everyone is going to make it to the NBA. 

Honestly there is a lot that I’ve learned in my first pro season on and off the court. Personality is your brand ! If your community, teammates, and coaches like you that will open more doors for you which is more opportunities for what you want in life. It’s such a cliche but I’ve seen the top scorer averaging 30 get sent home in our league. 

Don’t box yourself in. You might not be the top guy now in high school or college but eventually if you keep working you will find a home on or off the court where people love you. I can honestly say I’m the last hooper I believe from OAL class of 2012/2013 and I was barely pushing top five point guards in that class then. Given some people are DJ’s and businessmen

Being under 6’ it’s very hard for a player to get an opportunity to play at the collegiate level. What are the key things that made you stand out from the rest? 

You gotta be a complete dog with a full around game. Being a dog internally will allow you to tap into potential the basketball world doesn’t believe is 6 foot under guess possessed. It’ll help you not max out ever. Being a dog means you’ll be working out all the time, playing both ends, being in good shape, and understanding the game. Not just from a scoring standpoint but learning how to robin to Batman or learning how to play chess in basketball. 

How can other 6’ under guards get noticed by college coaches?

Be you, don’t look at the next player, don’t compare, and be patient. Always have the back in your mind you will be picked last just because of your stature. But always be ready and stay paranoid about the best combination you can have. 

You have a mini doc coming out called A Shot In The Dark. Can you tell us a little about it and when we can expect to see it?

Yes, I do. I’ve been vlogging recently also. My vlogs and mini doc are two separate entertainment purposes. My mini doc will be talking about the beginning of basketball for me and my struggles on and off the court. Whether it’s being on AAU trips for weeks with only 30 dollars miles away from home or coming home with lights being turned off. It will show a lot of how basketball saved me a lot of times from the streets. Talk about some of my childhood best friends serving more than 15 years in prison. This mini doc is just for motivational purposes and to document my journey as a pro. Showing everyone has family problems or life problems but don’t let it get in your way of dreaming.